How can CBD help your workout?

Studies show cannabidiol is a vasorelaxant, which means it eases tension in veins and arteries so blood can flow more freely — and who couldn’t use more a little more of that free-flowing feeling during a long run or killer lift?

CBD also reduces blood pressure, so you can extend your workout without the typical stress and fatigue. Because CBD stays in the body for several hours, it can also help stave off the soreness you might feel later. 

Doctors have also come forward about the benefits of CBD and working out, “While CBD may have some pain-relieving properties, it is much more of an anti-inflammatory agent,” says Matthew Mintz, MD, Inflammation, especially in joints, can lead to pain.” 

The real question is, Why not try adding CBD to your workout? Whether that is by our CBD Pre-Workout, CBD Protein Powder or CBD Post-Workout any of these will help elevate your workout! Made with the finest CBD isolate, and offering great tasting flavors, the benefits are endless with our products.